What is PlayVille?

PlayVille is Hamilton’s first indoor miniature play village!
It’s a place where imaginations can present endless opportunities!!!

PlayVille is made up of a variety of playrooms. Parents are welcome to play and engage with their children in all of the playrooms. However, if you prefer to sit back and observe the play, parents can sit in our eating area (which is right in play area) and watch the children play, explore and engage!

If you believe it,
you can be it!

Imagine a village where children can be anything they want to be! That’s what PlayVille offers! Each room has materials to foster imaginary play and build social skills!

Parents can easily watch their children as they explore or they can join right in with the fun.

Each room allows the children to enter a new world where their imaginations can take over as they pretend to be anybody or anything they want. Children will actively learn through their play as they explore the world around them. Each playroom is fully equipped with real and pretend toys to foster play and imagination in a safe and clean environment.

There are a variety of rooms to engage the children in play. Below is a list of our dramatic play centres:

  • House and Backyard
  • Bake Shop
  • Construction Site
  • Animal Hospital
  • Grocery Store
  • Dance Studio and Theatre
  • Elementary School


Birthday Parties



Planning a birthday party?

We offer both regular and private party packages!

Party dates will only be held with a deposit. Check our party packages or contact us!