Frequently Asked Questions

What is your capacity?

PlayVille has a maximum capacity of 50 people (that includes adults, children and babies). This has been set by the City of Hamilton and will be strictly enforced. This limit includes the front area of the playground as well, if we have an “At Capacity” we cannot have people waiting in the entrance way. Please add your name and number to our waitlist and we will call you when we have space!

Is there parking?

Yes! We have ample parking in the parking lot.

What are your hours?

Our regular hours are posted under the “Hours” tab on our website. Changes to the weekly hours, such as closures or reduced capacity hours, will be posted weekly on our Home page of the website as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

How do you keep the playground and the toys clean?

We have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule! Keeping a clean environment is super important to us! All fabric items and toys are washed weekly (at minimum) and mouthed toys are removed and washed daily! We also have a SECOND SET of all of our toys so when we remove items to wash, we still have ample materials for children to engage with!

Who is responsible for supervision of the children?

Parents/guardians/caregivers are responsible for supervision of their own children (and/or the children attending their party). Staff at PlayVille are not responsible for supervision of the children in the playground, however we will step in if necessary for safety and to stop rough or inappropriate play.

What if children want to take toys from one centre to another?

We absolutely allow children to move the materials around the playground!! Expanding play from one centre to another is a fun way for children to express their creativity and imagination. Children are free to show what makes them unique in a fun and safe environment!

Why is play so important?

Play can teach life long skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, early math/language and reading skills (and so much more). It also encourages the development of social skill, all while the children and having fun and exploring.

Why do I need to wear socks?

Socks are required for health and safety reasons. We want to try and prevent the spread of germs and/or bacteria and socks can also help prevent accidents like toes getting caught or hurt on toys. Removing shoes also helps to ensure the cleanliness of our floors in the play area.

What if my child or someone in my group needs to wear shoes due to a special need?

Shoes can be worn as needed by children or adults as long as they are INDOOR only shoes! This helps to ensure the cleanliness of the playground.  We also sell shoe covers for $2.00.

Can I bring in my stroller?

We have lots of space for stroller parking in the front area of the playground, but unfortunately, we cannot allow strollers into the play areas. Once again this is for health and safety as the wheels could bring dirt and/or bacteria into the play area. Bucket car seats can be carried into the playground as needed.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes!! For drop-in play and birthday parties you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks (provided it is nut-free). Any food containing nuts must be removed from the premises immediately. Coffee, tea and water can be carried around the playground by adults, however all other food and drink must be consumed in our eating area. Babies can be bottle or breastfed anywhere that the parent/caregiver is comfortable doing so.

Where can I leave my bag?

We have storage cubbies located both in the front area, as well as the eating area, for storage of your bags/purses/food.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

There is a sign-in sheet with a waiver that each parent/guardian must sign upon entry to PlayVille.

I’m coming from out of town, how can I guarantee there’s spaces for my family to play?

We now offer online booking for drop-in play!! You can pre-pay and reserve your spots for future visits on our website.

How can I book a birthday party?

You can book a birthday party in person, over the phone or online through our website. All parties have a non-refundable deposit that is required to hold your date and the balance can be payed at the event.

Can I decorate for my party?

Yes, we do allow decorations and balloons with some exceptions. All decorations and banners must be hung using painters tap and/or sticky tac. Any damage to the walls from pins or other tapes will result in an extra charge. Furthermore, we DO NOT allow glitter, sparkles, confetti or piñatas.

How early can I arrive for my birthday party?

Yes, you can arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party time. If you require longer to set up you can book extra time for a fee.

Do you have a lost and found?

Yes! We keep all items found for a month! At the end of each month we post a photo on social media to show customers what’s been left watch month and so people can claim anything that they may have forgotten.


Birthday Parties



Planning a birthday party?

We offer both regular and private party packages!

Party dates will only be held with a deposit. Check our party packages or contact us!