• PlayVille is an unsupervised play area and it is the parents/caregivers responsibility for supervising their children while using the facility.
  • PlayVille is a SOCKS ONLY play ground. Everyone, including adults, must wear socks at all times. Bare feet and/or shoes will not be permitted. Socks will be available for purchase for those requiring them.
  • Please ensure children and adults are free of illness when attending PlayVille.
  • Outside food is allowed in designated areas only. However, be aware that PlayVille is a NUT FREE facility. Food found to be containing nuts will have to be removed from the premises. Please note: while PlayVille is a nut free environment, we cannot guarantee that there are no trace amounts of nuts on the premises.
  • PlayVille is not responsible for lost or stolen items, we recommend leaving valuables at home.
  • Parents/guardians must sign a waiver for their child upon entry to be allowed access to the play areas.
  • Those not following the rules will be asked to leave the facility without a refund.
  • PlayVille has a maximum occupancy of 50 people. If and when the maximum occupancy has been reached we will unfortunately have to post a “Sorry we are at Capacity” sign on the door and we won’t be allowed to have anyone else come play. We will also post on our Instagram and Facebook story if we reach capacity.
  • Accidents happen! If your child soils him or herself while in the play centre, please let a staff member know so we can properly clean the area.

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